About Us

IBO Tours was founded in 2009 by Muzaffer Ibrahim Şamcı "Ibo". Ibrahim had worked in the tourism industry in Turkey for over twenty years, and from his experience, he saw that he could offer a better unique experience to tourists coming to Istanbul.

When he designed his first Bosphorus boat tour, Ibrahim thought about all the conversations he had had with travelers to Istanbul over twenty years. Using this knowledge and his passion for the beauty of the Bosphorus two continenst Europe and Asia, where East meet with West. Also, only the company who offers a cruise Bosphorus with Black Sea together with lunch on board. Ibrahim designed a more beautiful and more fun experience for his guests.

Starting out with only 7 employees and one vessel, IBO Tours has grown to employee 15 full-time associates, 5 vessels, and a number of private tour buses and boats.

IBO Tours welcomes you to Istanbul! Book one of our tour today and allow us to give you an unforgettable experience of this beautiful city from the Bosphorus and Black Sea fishing village.


Muzaffer Ibrahim “Ibo” Şamcı was born in Kars, an ancient and historical city in the east of Turkey and grow up in Istanbul.

His first experience in the tourism industy was in Istanbul "Sultanahmet" over twenty year, and has and experience in Fethiye and Antalya city where he led safari adventures for tourists from all over the world. Later he came to Istanbul, where he worked in the tourism industry.

IBO Tours is Licensed & Accredited of TURSAB " Toursim Association of Turkish Travel Agencies".

Ibrahim’s vision for IBO Tours is to provide visitors to Istanbul with amazing memories, knowledge about the cultural treasures of Turkey, and an unmatched experience of the beauty of the Bosphorus. Ibrahim is also work with proffesional licenced tourist guide for his Bosphorus Boat tours.